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2023 Summer Exclusive! Including our take on the homage to the 60’s classic The Endless Summer…. We mix it up our way with... The Alien Summer! ... AND... Get ready to go #BackToSchool with our Backpacks, Tshirts and Phone Cases
Now available are our new The Alien Summer pieces, shots of Nature, plus some of our classics rei-imagined, using our one-of-a-kind 3d printed hand-painted pieces of art, professionally photographed, then photoshopped into realistic environments. Explore around then support a local artist buy purchasing one or more of your favorites!
Turning Wants into Haves and Desires into Art

Your place for one-of-a-kind pieces of merch

3d Printed Hand-Painted pieces of art.

Our products focus on 3d printed pieces such as fan art, busts, posed figures, dioramas, and the like.
We are a group of local artists that work with several forms of media, including 3d printing, painting, photography, digital composition, video, and VR. Visit our social media pages for more of our artwork, then buy some merch!

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